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By clicking here I am submitting this international remittance transfer request for a foreign wire electronically in compliance with ESIGN and I authorize Northwest Federal Credit Union (NWFCU) to process the request using the information I have provided. I agree to the $50 fee assessed by NWFCU and understand that the recipient of the funds may receive less than the transfer amount indicated on the form above due to fees charged by intermediary financial institutions including the recipient's bank and foreign fees and taxes. I authorize NWFCU to email or send via facsimile the pre-disclosure and receipt to the email or facsimile (fax) number listed above and understand that if I do not contact NWFCU at 703-709-8901 and ask for ACH/Wire Department or call directly at 703-709-8900 x4851 or 800-336-3384 x4851 within 30 minutes of the receipt being sent to my email or facsimile, the remittance transfer will be sent and I will be unable to cancel or modify the instructions and transfer amount indicated above. I understand that in the event I provided an incorrect account number or recipient institution identifier, I can lose the transfer amount.

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